Queensland Early Childhood Sustainability Network Inc.

QECSN believes early childhood learning for sustainability is about having a vision, thinking for the future, empowering positive change and practical learning for and about sustainability. QECSN adopts a broad view of sustainability that includes environmental, social, cultural and economic dimensions. We recognize that early childhood is a critical phase of life for encouraging sustainable approaches for children, families and services. QECSN is a network supporting services and educators to participate in everyday practices relating to sustainability and to engage families and communities in this work. We encourage our members in all Queensland contexts to include connections to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and approaches to sustainability. We are passionate about providing relevant and practical professional development that encourages sustainable practices and understandings for Queensland early childhood educators and those in the broader community. QECSN promotes the whole of service approaches to sustainability that integrate early education for sustainability with broader service policies and practices to create lifelong cultures of sustainability. QECSN provides a network for best practice in early childhood education for sustainability to be celebrated and communicated across Queensland for the benefit of all members.

QECSN aims to:

  • provide a network of support throughout the state for the many individuals, groups and organisations working with young children
  • provide professional development opportunities
  • encourage sustainable practices in home and work environments
  • advocate and influence policy development and legislation at all levels
  • inform and promote sustainability in the design and content of tertiary education programs
  • develop a recognition or acknowledgement of children as active citizens who are responsible for the present and future sustainability of the world


QECSN would like to congratulate the 2018 Sustainability In Action Award winners;  Willmore Kindergarten, category 1 winner, Sharon Cosier, category 2 winner, and Mackenzie from Aspley East C&K Kindergarten, winner of category 3. Submissions are now open for 2019.
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 Our next network meeting will be held at North Stradbroke Island on the 7th of September.

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The QLD Department of Environment and Science is looking for practitioners to contribute to a K-2 waste reduction and management education program. Please contact Mary Rowlands at maryr@ozemail.com.au.   

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