QECSN Term Two Network Meeting- ZOOM

08/06/2023 7:00pm

Birdie's Tree- Early Learning Program

QECSN is hosting a conversation with Dr Andrea Baldwin about how we can help children and families in responding with resilience to natural disasters and building strong mental health practices.

 Andrea co-ordinates QCPIMH’s Birdie’s Tree initiative and has authored 7 of the Birdie stories. For the past four years Andrea has been Child and Youth Clinical Consultant with the mental health responses to floods and fires in Queensland and northern New South Wales. 

This ZOOM session will be  a version of the Birdie’s Tree Early Learning Program (BTELP) Introductory Workshop, adapted for online delivery, situating disaster resilience within the broader field of sustainability education. 

 We will step through the full range of Birdie’s Tree resources and consider how these can be used in early education settings to help promote children’s resilience and wellbeing